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GGF049 Focus RS Bluefin 25 BHP More Power

By improving the breathing of the standard engine with modified inlet and exhaust systems the operational range of the engine falls outside that of the original engine management system calibration. We have developed a unique Bluefin ECU program map for the modified Focus RS in conjunction with SUPERCHIPS.

Although this program was developed as part of our 285 BHP conversion, it works perfectly well on a standard specification engine Focus RS. This means that you can gain the initial power increase by upgrading the engine management system, and then add the mechanical modifications as you wish to further increase the horsepower of the engine. (This is possible because the mechanical modifications increase the air-flow into the

engine, and combined with the relevant modifications to the fuel and ignition settings, this allows an increase in power. The engine management system constantly measures the flow of air into the engine and adjusts every setting accordingly. If your Focus RS engine is mechanically standard, the levels of air-flow into the engine will be lower than with a modified version and the calibrations at this level are perfectly optimised for the standard engine).

With a standard specification engine, the Focus RS power is increased to 237 BHP @ 5525 RPM, which is a significant improvement over the standard level of 212 BHP.
The engine management system can be reprogrammed with this unique program in our GGR workshops, or we can supply a Superchips Bluefin device loaded with this ECU remap program, enabling you to Tune your own Focus RS.
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