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Focus RS Mk1 GGR Tuning Kit 285 BHP

Focus RS MK1 Tuning Conversion

Focus RS Tuning.To enable us to release more power from the Focus RS engine without compromising reliability, we have undertaken a series of mechanical modifications. These combined with reprogramming of the engine management system has produced a power output increase to 285 BHP.
In our opinion, due to the constraints of mass production, the standard engine suffered from restrictions in the intake and exhaust systems, and these are the areas that have received the GGR attention for the Focus RS.
power comparison graph....

Focus RS ECU Upgrade 25 BHP Increase

The Focus RS ECU upgrade can be installed and set up at our workshop facility or offered on a Superchips Bluefin.On a standard Focus RS, power is increased to a respectable 237bhp at 5525 Rpm.This program is compatible with all of the following GGR performance modifications.


Focus RS Exhaust Downpipe

The original Focus RS exhaust downpipe has a very tight 90-degree bend and a low flow catalytic converter. Our replacement GGR performance Focus RS exhaust front pipe uses a high flow catalytic converter, increased pipe diameter and is a smoother flowing shape.


Focus RS GGR Induction Kit

Focus RS GGR Cold Air Induction System CAIS GGF043.The standard plastic air filter assembly uses a flat panel filter, and subjects the intake air to many changes of direction, through numerous shaped and sized holes.The GGR replacement Focus RS mk1 induction kit with a K&N Cone performance air filter and is manufactured from spun aluminium.The induction kit picks up cold air from the left hand front wheel arch area.

. Internally there is a large high flow K&N cone shaped re-usable performance air filter with a traditional bell mouth shaped adapter to channel the inlet air through the mass air flow sensor, towards the engine. This is a far less restrictive arrangement.


Cylinder Head Porting

The inlet and exhaust ports in the original cylinder head have a rough-cast finish. Our cylinder head is hand finished (polished) to improve the gas flow through the inlet & exhaust ports giving a direct increase in horsepower. In addition, the valve seats are cut to three angles, and the valves refaced.

Focus RS Exhaust Manifold *

The Focus RS engine was originally designed to have a fabricated steel exhaust manifold. This type of manifold has a far greater flow capability than the usual cast variety. Unfortunately, the manifold that was made for the production engine failed during the rigorous Ford durability testing and was hurriedly replaced with the simple cast iron item that is now fitted to the production car.

We have commissioned the design and manufacture of a high quality fabricated stainless steel exhaust manifold. This is designed to give excellent flow characteristics whilst still fitting within the tight confines of the engine compartment.

We have tested the new manifold and have achieved a 14 BHP increase in power on top of the previously described improvements. The free flow characteristics also dramatically increases response and gives a raw edge to performance that was previously lacking.

* see terms and conditions


This is the story so far, we have lifted the maximum torque up to 402Nm @ 4125rpm (the original value is 302) and the maximum power to 285 BHP (with the standard being 212)
Focus RS Tuning and Performance Parts from Graham Goode Racing
Leicester Tel 0116 2440080

GGR Focus RS More Power?

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